Museum Technician, The Ranching Heritage Center, Texas Tech University Museum, Lubbock, Texas.  5/72-12/76.

The Ranching Heritage Center, a division of the Texas Tech University Museum, is a 13-acre outdoor museum exhibit featuring restored historic structures representing the historical and geographic evolution of the ranching industry in Texas.  Work experience included:

  • Research in the history of Texas ranching, historic structures research, preparation of construction documents for restoration and reconstruction of historic structures including barns, houses, cabins, schools, and windmills.
  • Completion of HABS/HAER documentation on structures.
  • Design and construction of interpretive exhibits and photography for historic structures documentation, exhibits, and publications.
  • Construction experience working as a member of a day labor crew dismantling, moving, and reconstructing historic log, frame, stone, adobe, and jacal buildings.
Work in this position also involved participation in special programs and interpretive activities including a commemorative long horn cattle drive celebrating the grand opening of the RHC during the Bicentennial.