Senior Historical Architect, National Park Service, Williamsport Preservation Training Center, Williamsport, Maryland.  10/91-4/93.

The Williamsport Preservation Training Center (now known as the Historic Preservation Training Center) is a division of the National Park Service established to train Preservation Specialists for positions involving primary responsibility fro treatment of historic structures.  The position of Senior Historical Architect was created with the establishment of a separate architectural section distinct from the two existing masonry and carpentry sections.  Duties in this position were a continuation of those detailed below, with the following additional responsibilities:
  • Administrative and technical supervision of two intern architects (GS 4/5 and GS-9).
  • Expanded role in developing and offering preservation training workshops emphasizing "hands on" instruction in the context of completing project work.

Project work in this position included:

  • Provided architectural support to the Harpers Ferry Center Division of Exhibits Planning during preliminary design for the rehabilitation of the entry level lobby of the Washington Monument.  Support services consisted of: drafting A/E selection criteria; participation in the A/E selection process; and coordination of design reviews, architectural fabric investigation, and documentary research.
  • Served as Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative (COTR) for the construction contract for rehabilitation of the entry level lobby of the Washington Monument.  The scope of work included: selective demolition of existing features; cleaning, conservation, and restoration of historic masonry and mosaic floors; fabrication and installation of new stone and bronze decorative features; and modifications to the existing mechanical and electrical systems.  The project received a Federal Design Achievement Award in 1995.
  • Completed project planning for ruins stabilization of a complex of significant 19th century industrial and hydraulic structures on Virginius Island at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.
  • Supervised a program of structural repairs to the north and south porticos at Hampton Mansion National Historic Site.  Work included: A/E management for structural engineering services; supervision of curatorial protection and selective dismantling of existing finishes by WPTC crews; and supervision of scaffold erection, structural steel placement, and finish repair contracts.
  • Represented WPTC in the completion of a Development Concept Plan for the Monocacy National Battlefield and Gambrill Mansion.  Participation in the DCP development effort focused on issues of sustainable design and operations, cultural landscapes, facility programming, accessibility, and code compliance.
  • Project management and technical oversight for stabilization and restoration of the 1726 Matthew Jones House, a National Register property managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers at Ft. Eustis, VA.

Other duties in this position included: serving as a member of the WASO task force for development of the Inventory and Condition Assessment Program (ICAP); compiling training manuals for historic preservation training workshops; and preparation of annual ADP requests and justifications.