Supervisory Exhibits Specialist, National Park Service, Williamsport Preservation Training Center, Williamsport, Maryland.  9/86-9/91.

The Williamsport Preservation Training Center (now known as the Historic Preservation Training Center) is a division of the National Park Service established to train Preservation Specialists for positions involving primary responsibility fro treatment of historic structures.  As a member of the WPTC staff, duties included the following:

  • Project planning, design, estimating, and supervision of day labor and contract work on historic preservation projects.
  • Presenting technical papers and conducting "hands on" training at workshops sponsored by the National Park Service and other agencies (see attached list of activities as an instructor).

From 9/86-1/89 the position was classified as a Supervisory Exhibits Specialist which included duties as a Section Chief responsible for first line supervision and administrative direction of a crew of 4-6 preservation trainees, and a day labor crew of 6-9 carpenters, masons, and laborers.  Project work included:

  • Design for emergency stabilization of 18th century masonry hydraulic structures, Locks 1 & 2 of the Potowmack Canal at Great Falls, VA, and design for restoration of Lock 1.
  • Architectural research, fabric investigation, design, and supervision of day labor and contract work to restore the interior of the north wing of the Arlington House, Robert E. Lee Memorial, Washington, DC.
  • Design and project supervision of three phases of day labor and contract work, 1987-1989 at Habre de Venture, the Thomas Stone National Historical Site in La Plata, MD.  Work included: structural stabilization of the 18th century Georgian central block (gutted by fire in 1977); underpinning and structural repair of two dependencies; and reconstruction of the c. 1850 timber frame tobacco barn.
  • Design and project supervision of day labor work at Hampton National Historic Site, Towson, MD to repair failing exterior stucco, rehabilitate elements of the historic roof drainage system, and install a new perimeter subsurface drainage system.
  • Project supervision for construction of a trolley maintenance facility in the rehabilitation program for the 19th century Boott Mill complex at Lowell National Historic Site.  Work included: repairs to the superstructure of a panel girder rail bridge; fabrication and installation of timber bridge ties to controlled grade and alignment tolerances; and procurement and installation of specialized trolley rail and hold-down systems.
  • Evaluation of structural failures and development of a program of stabilization and masonry repairs for the Stone Bridge at Manassas National Battlefield.
  • Development of a program of ferrous metal conservation and replacement at the Wright Brothers Memorial, Cape Hatteras National Seashore.
  • Completion of a cultural resources inventory for the US Fish and Wildlife Service Patuxent Wildlife Research Center.
  • Drafted log structures preservation guidelines for the USDA Forest Service, Region 1, Missoula, MT.
  • Supervised several phases of preservation/restoration work on the Zane Grey House and Tollkeepers House at the Roebling Aqueduct at Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River.